waste2The waste beam cabinet is beam family of the tree trunk cabinet, of which we made three. The cabinet looks like a pile of beams and has a geometric pattern, as opposed to the round trunk pattern. Continuing new insights mean that the way the body is made is a lot more elegant than the tree trunk cabinet. An interior cupboard is slid into an exterior cupboard, and the sides of plywood are covered by solid wood. In this way, the fixtures of the blocks of wood are kept out of sight, and the end grain of the plywood is finished. The measurements, the solution for the skirting, and the way the handle is concealed in the surface of the end grain timber, all these result from features of the beam. As so oſten is the case, the material guided the design. Piet Hein Eek

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Beam Cupboard and Sideboard

The beam cupboards were originally created from the idea of using the cross beams, which hold the panels together, as hinge points as well. In applying that concept, a much more important principle emerged: the size of the beams is defining for all sizes, that’s to say the height, breadth and depth of the cupboard is defined by the breadth and thickness of the beams. The size and proportions of the cupboard can be affected by changing the amount of beams. It is not necessary to saw the beam lengthwise for any component part, it only needs to be shortened. This is important because there are oſten nails in the old wood. Because of the varying beam sizes, the cupboards are made one at a time, and fitted with hinges and closing system. The intention is to produce a range of cupboards in which, due to the variation in beams, measurements and choice of colour, no two are the same.Foto item balkendressoir